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langs Έξυπνα κτίρια για έξυπνους ανθρόπους  

 GTA provides:


  • Consult, surveillance and start-up of building automation control systems

  • Design, programming and start-up of KNX (former EIB or instabus) systems

  • Development of energy management control systems

  • Integration of open architecture system

  • Construction of Data Networks

  • Application of software products


As long as the products we offer become "smarter" and provide more and more potentials, the help and support of capable electrical/electronic/programming engineers is required. All the aspects of a solution have to be fully explained according to the requirements of each case, so that the potentials of the new technology are reached to their maximum.


Data integration

GTA has the knowhow that is required for the successful integration of the applications (data exchange from different manufacturers through common communication protocols). [ more

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