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langs Έξυπνα κτίρια για έξυπνους ανθρόπους  

Imagine a house or a commercial building where:

  • Air conditioning functions only in the occupied spaces, within temperature, humidity and air quality limits,

  • different lights are controlled by different push buttons or remote controls, and at the same time the depth of the luminance level is adjusted according to different scenes,

  • shutters, curtains, rollers or blinds are controlled from one point in relation to the occupation of the area and the external conditions,

  • movement, presence, exhaust-gas sensors observe the areas regardless the function of the safety system,

  • ALL the periferal controls (gardening, outer spaces, water or waste pumps, pools, doors, e.t.c.) are controlled by the same interface,

  • the control system is developed and adopted according to your needs in the course of time,

  • in a friendly environment, the end-user can easily monitor and adjust all the functions through a PC, touch panels, telephone,

  • the system is managed by external conditions with energy save functions

GTA provides an integrated solution by combining different technologies in order to control:

  • Lighting

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Security, Fire, Access

  • Audio, Video, Data

Main parameters for the design of a GTA solution are:

  • real needs of the project, comfort and safety levels
  • covinient use of the system
  • credibility and stability of the network
  • saving in materials, cables, connections, time and cost of the installations
  • posibility of future updates and extensions
  • energy saving


GTA aquires the knowhow to offer the best possible solution for any application and always exceeds one step ahead:

  • Lighting

Using the best devices from all the European markets for your building we can control different light switches, dimming of almost any light, electrical shutters, curtains, rollers, home cinema, alarm systems, water pumps from any level and control point in the house, by remote control,  telephone or internet from any place in the world.

The potentials, which conventional electrical installations need infinite meters of cable and a huge visible space in your living room walls, can be simply and elegantly achieved with the EIB/KNX instabus network

GTA is a certified KNX partner (former EIBA) and can build for you a installation that controls all the electomechanical equipment of your future building.

  • Heating - HVAC

HVAC or just heating is a complicated proccess that can be completed with a lot of alternative choices according to the needs of each building.

The accurate design of the system from the beginning, as well as the proper selection of control equipment for the installation, can lead to an important energy saving and the increase of comfort levels. GTA has the experience to make suggestions related to the size of the application, simple "conventional" solutions, heating/air-conditioning with the instabus  EIB/KNX technology, heating/air-conditioning with SeaChange from SmartKontrols and moreover a clear control of all the electromechanical devices with BMS from TAC devices (Schneider Electric group). 

  • Security, Fire, Access

One of the basic functions of a residence or a professional building is to be able to offer security and controlled access to those who use it.

With the proper use of the modern techniques the level of security can be multiplied according to the type of the building and the needs of the user.

In a residence, an alarm system with a connection to a receiving signal center may be enough, but in a hotel or a professional building with emloyees with different access levels, a more careful design of the security/access/surveillance system is needed.

Controlled access can be supported by the instabus EIB/KNX technology with special card-controllers that can perform combining functions. For example a welcome scene to be activated every time someone entering an area or at a hotel ONLY the first time that the customer entering a bedroom a presentation video to be shown.

For the surveillance of the areas and the registering of the happenings through a closed circuit can be selected either a hybrid CCTV (analog cameras in IP video server) or a clear PoIP network with standard ethernet wiring and network data servers.

The integration of the above mentioned functions under one control system is a complicated procedure.

It requires the knowledge of the functions of all the subsystems and, moreover, the cooperation with different workgroups who have different levels of training and approach. 

Besides the full merge of subsystems, most of the time, simple safe and economic solutions give us potentials that are worth the minor trouble. So, we can, for example, by simply pressing a lighting push button inside the house (panic button), activate the security lighting that we have assigned in the programme and call the Alarm Receive Center of the security company that we have chosen.

  • Audio, Video, Data network

For the data, image and sound transmission, a simple ethernet wiring at every point solves the issue of large capacity information transmission and covers "all" the future communication needs.

Demands for control through PC, telephone, internet or any other means are available, implemented according to the type of the building and the needs of the end-user when it is required.

GTA is the right partner either for installations that require Data Integration, or the control of the whole installation through IP protocol, so that we can achieve remote administration through a simple DSL connection, as well as lots of other applications on the edge of technology that are combined in order to acheive the best result.


GTA believes that only a complete approach and solution can repay the investment of a residence or a professional building in due course. The solution we suggest demands more labor, more research time and active co-operation among GTA, partners and clients. It may probably have more initial implementation cost, BUT it will certainly improve the quality of living in the building and will reduce the energy it consumes, so that our solution will be more effective specially after two to five years. If you have the vision of future prospects and you need something more than the usual practices and quality of service, contact us for the construction or the renovation of the control systems of your building.

We can assure you with a complete solution which certainly corresponds to your personal comfort, communication and security needs.


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